Holiday Form


As a Temporary Worker you are responsible for ensuring that all paid annual leave is requested and taken within the Leave Year.  The current leave year commenced on Tuesday 3rd April 2018 and ends on Sunday 31st March 2019.  Any leave not taken before the end of the Leave Year will be lost.  You cannot carry over any annual leave entitlement from one Leave Year to another.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your own accrued annual leave as Quality Personnel will not issue reminders.  However, you are welcome to call our Finance Team to find out your current holiday accrual.


In order to take holiday, please give notice of at least twice the amount you wish to take off, ie. 5 days holiday = 10 workings days' notice.


You will need to seek authorisation from the company you are currently on an assignment with and then either download and complete the holiday form below or speak to your Consultant.


The amount of payment which you will receive in respect of periods of annual leave taken during the course of an assignment will be calculated on an average of the total pay received over the previous 12 weeks.  (Please be aware if you do not work your full hours or you have any time off this will affect the amount you are paid when on holiday).


Download Holiday Form (pdf)





If you wish to print off your timesheet please click on the following link:


Quality Personnel Timesheet (pdf)


TIMESHEET DEADLINE8am on Monday morning